Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Dream Come True

I know it has been a while since my last post, but saying we were busy in the last 3 months is such an understatement. I will say on the front end, this will be long... It's hard to catch family and friends up on over 3 months of our lives in one blog post! :)
Since November, I endured my most hectic yet rewarding Krazy Daizy winter season yet! It is such a blessing from God to be able to work from home and travel and do something I absolutely love, even if it was not what I went to school for 3 years of my life to be! God always knows what is best for us, no matter what our plans might be for ourselves and I am certain this job that he has blessed me with is going to be Perfect for when Lilah is here!
In December, Chip and I made a trip to Austin, Texas for his work, a trip home to West Memphis for Christmas with his family and a week long trip to Montana with my family for Christmas. Every time I go to Montana, I am in awe of God's work here on Earth. You simply can not look at this picture and tell me there is no God. I mean really?!
In January, as soon as we got back into town from Montana, we headed on a 6 hour road trip there and 11 hour road trip back to New Orleans to go the Sugar Bowl. Although the game didn't exactly end as we had hoped, we had a blast sitting on the 3rd row, 50 yard line thanks to Jerry Franklin, who is by the way, the best player on the team! :)
Now that February has rolled around, our lives have seemed to kick into high gear again! We received 23 inches, YES!! 23 inches in Arkansas, of SNOW to start the month off. And Chip and I chose to drive in it. A normal 5 hour road trip from West Memphis to Rogers took us Only 10 hours!!! It was crazy, but we had a blast together the entire time!
As the end of February draws near and I am almost 26 weeks pregnant, I am just in complete shock of how short of time we have left as a family of 2! In just 14 short weeks, more or less, we will no longer be a family of 2 but a family of 3! It seems so crazy and so unreal still, even though my belly is growing to a size where there is definitely no denying there is a little one on the way (it's been that way for weeks, now! Who am I kidding?!) :) I am still feeling GREAT! I mean, I seriously cannot complain! My heart problems have lessened, which is amazing, and I still have tons of energy! The only problem I am having is with the weight gain. Yes, I know I'm pregnant and Yes I know I'm supposed to gain weight, BUT when you have been the exact same size, exact same weight since Junior High School it is definitely a very WEIRD experience to say the least. I have already gained 24 pounds in 25 weeks!!! And my doctor wants me to gain a total of 40-45 lbs in total! This will put me at a weight that you could have Never told me I would ever reach! I know she is so worth every pound already, but it terrifies me that I won't be able to get 45 lbs. off as quick as I want to!
Okay.. Enough about me... More about Lilah, Our Dream Come True! :)

The first frame I made for her room! :)
Ever since finding out I was pregnant for the second time in 2 months, I have always called this child my miracle baby. She is such a blessing to us already and I just cannot wait for her to be here... Seriously! Bring on the crying, the diapers, the no sleep, the craziness! I am SO ready!!
This past week, Chip, myself and my dad worked on painting Lilah's room. There are pictures of the full room on Facebook, but here are a few of some vinyl I just added to her room.
My mom has always been great at writing poems, so she wrote one especially for Lilah. I fell in love with it so much, I knew it had to go in her room somewhere.
Here is the poem:

My child as I sit and watch you sleep
And touch your precious face,
I'm reminded of God's goodness,
His mercy & His grace.

I dream of everything you'll be
And the plans God has for you.
I pray that He will keep you close
And guide everything you do!

So sleep in peace, enjoy God's world.
His love is precious and true.
No matter what you do in life,
It can't change my love for you!

Here it is in her room!

I also added this super cute bird to match the mobile! I love how both turned out!

I still have a few more things to add, but it is definitely getting there finally! No we just need a sweet baby girl to make the room complete!
Sorry this turned out so long, but I warned you, I had a lot to write about! :)
I want to end with this poem my wrote to me on my first birthday! It is still my favorite ever and is to sweet not to mention on here. She truly has a gift!

Happy Birthday Mallory,
You're 1 year old today.
I'm writing you this poem,
As I sit and watch you play.

Your dad and I had no idea
How special you would be.
We just hoped that you'd be healthy
And I hoped you'd look like me!

Well a year has past since you were born,
And it makes me a little sad,
But as much as I hate to admit it,
You look just like your dad!

God has given us many special gifts
Since the day that we were married,
But none were quite as special
As the little girl I carried.

I guess I am trying to tell you
Is that no matter what you do,
You will always be surrounded,
By the love we have for you!