Monday, March 14, 2011

Lilah at 29 weeks!

So this morning, Chip and I went in for our 4-D ultrasound. Since this was an elective ultrasound, we had to pay for it. Let me just say, it was worth EVERY penny!! Technology is simply amazing these days. We spent an hour with the ultrasound tech and got over 50 pictures of our sweet girl and a video of the live ultrasound in 4-D!! We had heard mixed reviews on these ultrasounds beforehand (it ruins the surprise at birth, not worth the money, etc) but believe me, I am definitely a HUGE fan now! I will never have another pregnancy and not get this done.

Lilah was again measuring about 1.5 weeks ahead and we were told she will most likely be a BIG baby! :) Her weight was estimated at 3.5 lbs! We were able to see HAIR, yes hair! My baby girl is not going to be bald! haha This was my biggest fear! She definitely has my nose, Chip's chin, and Chip's long fingers! This ultrasound just makes it SO much more exciting! I cannot contain myself and I am just so ready for our little girl to get here so I can kiss all over her chubby cheeks! :)

Here is a slideshow of all of her ultrasound pictures today! I would LOVE to hear who you think she looks like! :)

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I will try to post the video of the live ultrasound in just a little bit! :)