Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Roeder Update...

Baby Roeder is growing right along.. We got to hear the heartbeat for the first time last week and it was an amazing sound. Baby R's heartbeat was really strong in the 150's. I go again for a check up on the 20th and then the date is set for my next ultrasound. January 3rd is the Big day! Hopefully, if baby cooperates, we should know whether Baby R is a He or a She! :) It cannot come soon enough!! I am so glad I have lots of things to do over Christmas Break to keep me occupied until then!
This past weekend, Chip and I went to Austin, TX for a conference for Chip's work and his secretary came along. For fun, she begged me to take the DrainO test. I don't know if any of you have done this before, but I would Love to hear if it turned out true for you! This test is supposed to predict the gender. Well... after watching for a reaction, there was none, so DrainO says we are having a Girl!! We shall see in a month if it is correct or not! :)
I have been feeling Great finally! I'm like a totally new person now! :) I am having some heart problems though. All through high school, I went to several different cardiologists because my heart would constantly skip beats and then just take off super fast. After seeing several cardiologists, they basically all told me I just had a "weird" heart. I was constantly monitored and no doctor could come up with an explanation. For the past few years, I have not had any problems... until I got pregnant.
I know this is normal in pregnancy, but in my case it's been extra fast and constant. This weekend my heart raced for an hour and half straight. Chip kept checking my pulse the entire time and i was in the 100s. It happens several times a day, along with constant black outs, ringing in my ears and skipped beats. I will be meeting with a cardiologist in the next week to get checked out again. Please pray that this is not harming the baby. It is VERY annoying to me, so I can only imagine what it is doing to baby. I will keep everyone posted on what the cardiologist says.
For those who have been wanting a new picture... Here is baby Roeder today at 15 weeks!! :) My belly is definitely growing and super hard. I don't know how it will stretch any more.

Here are two pictures of our living room decorated for Christmas! I just had to add these because I absolutely LOVE Christmas and would leave the tree up All year long if I could get away with it! :)

And here are my babies in their favorite spots in the house...
Nemo :)

And Jane! ;)


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  1. You look absolutely adorable! And yes it can and will stretch a lot more!!! haha Just wait until you are around 35 weeks or so and somehow it just keeps getting bigger! haha Can't wait to find out what you are having, then the fun really begins. I hope everything is ok with your heart. My sister's heart did that while she was pregnant too, but she had no prior issues. Your house looks beautiful! Merry Christmas! Thanks for the bell pic ;)